Personal|weight loss

2.3.0. #fatgirlproblems


Well I did it.


I stepped on a scale.

I am officially weighing in here at 230 pounds.

Now I could do the whole “It was in the afternoon, so I can subtract 5 pounds.”, “I had on clothes, so I can subtract 3 pounds.”, “I have really long thick hair, so I can subtract 10 pounds.”, but I’m not. Yeah, all those are true. Maybe not the subtraction, but the reasons. I’m hefty hefty hefty. Fluffy. Squeezably soft. All those ridiculous fat girl things.

Now I’ve decided that I am going to change that. And lose my boobs in the process. See there is a silver lining to being a big girl. I got BOOBS!

But I have to weigh out whether being healthy is better than having boobs. Chad would say boobs win. Either way I’m losing something to gain something else. I’m losing jiggle to get a better wiggle. I’m losing dead weight so I can run around like a goofball. I’m losing calf size for some killer boots. I’m losing boobs. Not sure what I’m going to exchange for those. Dang sure ain’t getting a boob job.

Want to go on this journey with me? Come on! The more the merrier. Actually I need you on this journey with me so that I have to be accountable and have someone to gripe to. I really could use some chocolate right now. I need YOU to be my willpower.

Now I need some advice. Foods. What foods do you find help keep you full longer? What snacks do you find are go to snacks?