Turkey Turkey Turkey…and stuffing

Yesterday was great! I cooked two turkeys. Yes you read that right, and I’ll explain in a moment. I fixed my wonderful mom’s green bean recipe, pumpkin pie, chocolate mouse pie, brownies, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes, and home made turkey gravy. Of course half of it the kids wouldn’t touch, but I enjoyed every minute of cooking it and sitting with my family to enjoy the meal. MacKenxie ate more than her fair share of the brownies, and the C’s ate about 20 apples. Oiy! Everytime I turned around they had an apple. Which meant vacuuming a dozen times to get up apple peels that they decided to spit out. (Side note…I am SOOOO thankful for my vacuum cleaner!!!!) Braden munched on rolls and turkey, and Nan well lets just say she REALLY liked the turkey! Me…I’m a stuffing junky. The one thing I look forward to all year is stuffing at Thanksgiving. With yummo cranberry sauce. Next year I plan on getting my grandmother’s chicken and dressign recipe though. Or maybe I’ll get for Christmas. It’s so good it’ll knock your socks off! We ate alot and went to bed relatively early. What a wonderful day!

I didn’t realize that my thankful list would hit home with anyone. Especially being thankful for no t.v. But it seems that there are a few of you who understood what I meant. Which makes me thankful for the people who read this and get me! LOL I know can you tell I am still in thankful mode?!

Now remember I said I cooked two turkeys? Well I actually had three turkeys. One was given to me. One I got for spending x amount of dollars at the grocery store. And one I won in our school raffle. Well, the one given to me I gave to someone else. The one I got from the grocery store was a turkey breast and I served that one for me and the kids. The last one. Well, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I got up, cooked it (stuffed and all the trimmings around it in the pan), and when it came out of the oven….it hit me so hard what I was going to do with that turkey. I knew we would never eat all of the breast, much less an ENTIRE turkey. But I did know a new family who had no means of cooking thanksgiving dinner. So I loaded up a bag full of groceries I had already been planning on taking to them, wrapped the roasting pan with turkey in side, cut some of my pumpkin pie, and went on a Thanksgiving delivery. I am not telling anyone this to brag about my good deeds. I am telling you this because all in all I am thankful that God blessed me with enough turkeys to make sure a couple other families had a good Thanksgiving dinner. And I also think I showed my children the importance of giving when you can. This is the kind of thing that touches my heart. Just who I am. Now please if you know of a family in need this holiday season help where you can. Even if it is just baking a pie for a family. It doesn’t have to be money or worldly. I have found in my own endeavors that usually God will lay on your heart what He feels the need for you to give. So listen to that still small voice and let it bring a smile to your face and someone else’s.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday!

Thankful Wednesday

With Thanksigiving tomorrow and all, I have so much to be thankful for. My faith in God has brought me through many trials and He has put me right where He wants me to be. I am thankful for my beautiful home, my wonderful children, and my friends. I am thankful for the opportunity to help others when ever I can. I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know my children better. I am thankful for the fact that I have food in my cabinet, and appliances to cook the said food on. I am thankful for my family. Even thought they are many miles away I am developing a new relationship with them. I am thankful for NOT having a television in my home for a few more days. I know that one sounds strange huh?! But over the past few days I have spent real quality time with the kids. Colton loves to just sit beside me reading a book. Connor loves helping in the kitchen. And the big three are starting to really get along better. I did get a bit of news I was nto prepared for though this week. The kids dad was released early from prison. He is suppose to go to rehab, we shall see. The one and only time that any news concerning him has made me physically ill was when mu SIL called and told me had been released. I knew this day was approaching just thought I had a few more weeks before havign to deal with it. Oh well I am thankful that he is several states away. Now I know it is Wednesday and I usual do A Blog Worthy of Note, but seeing as how I am in such a wonderful mood…….Please check out any blog on my blogroll that you haven’t had a chance to peruse! They are all wonderful and deserve recognition. Now I must go, but not for long. See you guys on Monday!

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Honesty Scrap blog award

So I was given an award so to speak from Mum-me over at Our Aussie Half-dozen! Thank you so much you wonderful woman…lol “…the directions said to give this award to blogs that I find “brilliant in content or design”… and Mum-me finds me this way! I am touched beyond words.
There are some rules attached to this award: “When you receive the prize, you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing that they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!”
Hummmm 10 honest things about me.

1) I am honest. Yes I know this sounds generic, but I am. I find honesty to be the most important things in any type of relationship, so I try really hard to be what I expect others to be.

2) I am naive. See this goes right back to #1. Since I expect honesty from everyone, I assume that I am getting that. and then hurt when I find out that I have been duped.

3) I am a crappy mom. Okay not really a crappy mom, just crappy at the punishing, and stuff like that. I am trying though.

4) I am addicted to blogging. Majorly! I don’t do anything else online other than blogs. Fun huh?!

5) I have a horrible southern accent and say “fixin to” all the time.

6) I am really smart, but because of #5 people ASSUME that I am stupid. And inept.

7) I try really hard to help everyone. And thus thanks to #2 I usually end up getting hurt.

8) I am addicted to reality tv. I know it’s awful, but I love reality tv.

9) Speaking of tv…I LOVE LOST and HEROES! How awesome are those shows?!

10) Drumroll……..I love school. It has become a refuge for me. Adult time. Learning. All that good stuff. But I could NEVER be a teacher.
Okay so that is my 10 honest things. I know I am relatively boring. But oh well, I dig myself! LOL Now I must pass this along to 7 other bloggers that I find have creative content or design.
How bout Cheryl over at Twinfatuation…who doesn’t love her blog!
Michelle at Scribbit
The wonderful mommy blogger at Butterfly Kisses
Kelly The Neurotic Mom
Okay everyone else I love has been picked! All are welcome to play along though.