Here at Life with 5 monkies you may notice a few changes if you’ve been a long time follower. We’ve lost a lot of the old reviews and are working towards building a site more for the everyday mom. F bombs and all. Bare with me as I rebuild the site and only add the best of the best content back to the blog. Now onto the real reason you are on this page…Finding out all about Life with 5 monkies!

I’m a single mom of 5 kids (my monkeys). I’m well aware that my grammar nazi self misspelled “monkeys” in my title. It was on purpose! You will find personal stories, dating stories (it’s a crazy world out there!), and parenting stories.

I’ve been lucky enough to be considered a #MarshallBlogger for Disney for the past 7ish years. So you will find lots of Disney/Marvel/Pixar entertainment news around here. If I’m honest, I’d blog nothing but that if I could.

I do accept sponsored content, but you will find all that disclosed within the post if it is sponsored. All about transparency here. You will also see affiliate links and reviews scattered around. Again, disclosures are within the posts.

I happily own up to the fact that I am NOT one of those Pinterest creative types. But we do have plans for starting a weekly Pinterest Attempts posts. Everything from recipes to craft projects. That should be fun. Especially since the kids are in charge of picking the topics.

If you are looking to have your item featured… email me at admin@fivemonkies.com

If you are looking to be a guest contributor… email me at admin@fivemonkies.com

If you are looking for a date… don’t email me. Download an app.