Let’s Get Social (2-27-11)

Wow we are already on week number #8 with the LGS Sunday Blog with the Fab 5. Please read through the rules before participating if this is your first time!
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What is Let’s Get Social?
Let’s Get Social is a weekly link-up hosted by a fabulous group of five bloggers we call the Fab 5! The Fab 5 includes myself, Tree of Mother of Pearl It Is, Bridget of Guide to Smart Shopping, Jennifer of Sweep Tight, Jessica of Mom of all Trades, and Brandi of Life with Five Monkies. We created Let’s Get Social as a means to socialize with other bloggers as well as help you gain more followers!
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Meet the newest blogger of the week!

I really hope you had a chance to visit last weeks blog of the week, MommyGaga! If not, be sure to check her out this week when you head to check out our newest blogger.

This week it is all about Wee Shenanigans! Wee Shenanigans is written by Momma Shenanigans, also known as Brooke. Brooke is pretty awesome if you take the time to read her About section you will find out so much interesting info. Like training dolphins and tigers! Hello this woman is multi-talented and can kick some serious butt into shape if she can handle a gazillion pound tiger.  
She is mom to two monkies (wonder if I should call them leprechauns or something since they are Irish?) and three dogs. Her baby girl, affectionately called Lil’ Kiwi, has some medical issues and it leaves the mama and the daddy fighting insurance bureaucracy to make sure that all is getting taken care of. What I find trully amazing is that even with her own struggles that God laid in her path, she takes the time to alert you to the troubles of others who need your prayers and positive thoughts. Totally amazing. Her oldest is her Wee Man and he seems, from her posts, to be as rambunctious as any other little boy, just check HERE to see for yourself.
Momma Shenanigans doesn’t hold anything back!I love her honesty in her posts, and you can always see her heart in her words. I haven’t been a follower for long (I actually haven’t even left a comment on her site, but I read it daily), but all it took was sitting down and reading just a few posts and I was hooked. Want to know the first post I read that had me hook line and sinker? Well check out THIS.
Did I mention she posts yummy food also? Check this recipe out! I so want to make it.
Go ahead. Leave me now. I know you just want to spend a while visiting. Have fun and play nice!

Featured Blog of the week

I hope you noticed that for the past 4 weeks I have been featuring a blog in the featured scroller. Did you notice? Did you visit them and say hello? If not, now you know that each week there is a new featured blog. You will always be able to look in the scroller and find it. If you didn’t notice it the past few weeks then please take the time to visit these past featured blogs and say hello.

The Groschen Goblins
Surviving the Stores
Susan Heim on Parenting
Three Times the Giggles

This weeks featured blog is One 2 Try. I love this blog and have been reading it forever. It is written by Rita, who is a SAHW and mommy to one doggy and 2 kitties. Maybe I like it so much cuz my favorite drink is a Rita?! Nah!

Rita said this to describe her blog:
My blog is about trying something new each day. Life is about experiencing new things. By trying something new, you open your mind to something you might really enjoy. Dive in to a new book, visit a new shop, try a new food, or make a new recipe. There is always One 2 Try.

And boy is she right. Everyday you will find something new she has tried out. She posts mundane things like THIS POST about National Gumdrop Day (just makes you smile), giveaways, reviews, Follow Friday, and so much more! Be sure to head over and take a peek at her site, and be sure to say hello! We all love comments you know.