She always gets me into stuff I don’t wanna do

These would be the words I heard the minute Kenzie came out of her anesthesia induced sleep. Not “Oh hi mom! So glad you fought the recovery room nurses to sit beside me for 2 hours and watch me sleep.” Not that I was surprised. She had been tooting this phrase all morning long. Oh and “Mom, tell the doctor deals off. I’m not doing it.” When they got her to take her “make me loopy” meds she was just peachy,UNTIL they put her in the MRI machine. Through the door I heard “I want my MOMMY! I want my MOMMY! I want…” and then nothing for an hour, cuz her anesthesia kicked in. When they finally emerged from the MRI I was told she had done really well, and wouldn’t have a problem with the anesthesia. And yes I had to fight to stay in the recovery room. Not physically throwing punches. No, the nurses said I had to wait outside until they had done their stuff. So I waited right outside the door. Got told I’d be more comfortable in the waiting room. To which I informed them that they were the one’s who had promised my daughter that I would be right beside her the ENTIRE time, and had not been permitted in the MRI room, but I WOULD be there when she opened her eyes. She was already scared enough. When they saw I wasn’t leaving my post they pulled up a chair beside her bed and I stayed. We finally had to shake her a wake. Which was good. Except for the “She’s always getting me into stuff I don’t want to do!” But even that died when she realized she had an iv in her hand. Oh.My.God. She went ballistic. But when all is said and done, we are through with it. I am praying that whatever happens now I am able to deal with. This may sound completely weird, and not that I even remotely want this, but I feel a little like if they found something great! Then we would know what is causing her headaches. Why she has been plagued with them since she was 4. And why they have progressively gotten worse over the years. It is so hard to sit here and watch my daughter hurt, and not know why she is hurts like she does. I am just ready to have answers one way or another. I am praying that God keeps my baby healthy and whole! Please pray that we will know more when this is all said and done. Either she will be on pain meds for the rest of her life for severe migraines, or…lets not go there. Answers. Solutions. That is all I want right now!

illness running rampant

We have an outbreak of strep. Yep. Strep. Fun. Kenzie so loving decided to pass this through the house. I have now started with it, Donnie is feeling icky, and we are just waiting for the boys to get it. The girls are missing valentine’s stuff at school since they are uber contagious. Debi….if Sarah gets it, blame Kenzie! Just kidding.

We had Kenzie’s science fair last night, and yes I took her. She was so sad thinking she wouldn’t be able to attend. She didn’t win, but that’s okay. She knows that it isn’t the winning that counts but whether you have fun or not doing it. And reminded me of this. She got a certificate for participating, and a ribbon, which she wants to hang in her room. And she is already thinking about next year. My darling child!

Savanna’s evaluation went okay. They feel she is academically okay right now, but want her to see someone outside the school for her behavior at home. The zoning out in front of the t.v. one minute and then bouncing off the walls the next. And the immaturity. While I am on the topic of evaluations, might as well update Kenzie’s. We found a nuerologist who would see her. Normally she doesn’t she anyone younger than 10, but made an exception for Kenz. Dr. Carta has ordered an MRI (scheduled for the 5th of March) with sedation (which means tests at the hospital on the 2nd of March). Just to be safe. She also put Kenzie on a daily med to try and control the migraines. Helping a little. My u/s went good. The results were “very clear”. Which means I am now on the pill. WTF? Why in the world did I get my tubes tied, endure this crap that started afterwards, just to end up on the pill?! Oh, well. Better the pill than something else. We are still working on getting Braden seen. UGH! Soon. Hopefully soon.