Cruises: One of a Kind Family Vacations


If you’re thinking about this year’s family vacation options and looking for something a bit different from the usual beach resorts, then why not consider a cruise? Family friendly cruises have surged in popularity and offer a wealth of activities to keep the kids and adults happy.


If you’ve never considered a family cruise before then take a look at some of the benefits on offer with this holiday option. All inclusive cruises will help to stretch your budget as you won’t have to worry about additional expenses such as meals. Children’s clubs, on-board activities and entertainment can usually all be included in the booking price. Many cruise ship operators also offer qualified child minders during the evenings, which allows the adults to have some time alone.

Pick your destination

Cruising has become a hugely popular family vacation option and one of major advantages is the sheer number of destinations now available. East and west coast American cruises, Mediterranean cruises, European and Far East cruises are just a few of the world-wide itineraries enjoyed by families each year. There’s no limit to the destinations now on offer and you can choose a long weekend cruise as a taster before progressing onto a couple of weeks of sailing the world. Children love the excitement that comes with going to sleep on-board and waking up to a new destination each day.

Cruise ship activities

As you would expect from family friendly cruises, there is no shortage of entertainment and activities. Many cruise ships offer cinemas, ice skating rinks, swimming pools, children’s entertainment clubs and discos. Take a cruise on ships run by well-known companies such as Disney and you can even enjoy theme park rides such as roller coasters and merry-go-rounds! Adults are also well catered for with restaurants, shopping malls, nightclubs, casinos, fitness centers and luxury spas.

Family friendly cruise accommodation

Think cruise accommodation is just a small cramped cabin? Think again! Family Cruise accommodationsMost cruise lines now offer a wide range of accommodation to suit your taste and budget. This can include family sized suites with separate rooms and private bathroom facilities, or luxury accommodation that comes with its own steam room and whirlpool facilities. Families with young children are also well catered for and accommodation can come with cots and even baby strollers to save adults travelling to the ship with this equipment.

On-board child minders

One of the major advantages of a family friendly cruise is that adults can hire qualified on-board child minders if they need some time alone. Child minders are usually available during the evenings to allow parents to enjoy a dinner, take in a movie or indulge in a spa treatment. Kids clubs are available during the daytime and children will be entertained with sports, storytelling, games and music shows. All family friendly cruises ships will offer different activities and it’s a good idea to find out exactly what is on offer before booking the cruise of your choice.

Ellie Graham is an avid travel writer who specializes in cruising. When she’s not writing, she loves exploring the Mediterranean and it is her lifetime ambition to visit every major island in Greece!

Images by Jeff Weese and Roger Wollstadt under a creative commons licence