Dating. Not For the Weak.

Dating these days has me like ‘WHAAAAAAA?”

Seriously. Dating in the age of social media is definitely not for the weak. Or the timid. Or people actually looking for more than a little tuck into bed. You needs apps now. You need an ability to draw someone in with your words. I am beginning to think you need half naked pictures and filters galore.

Sifting through the grains of sand…

It’s no longer looking for fish in a sea. It’s more like sifting through grains of sand. You get the first layer of sand with the initial profile. Then you have to sift it even more by reading between the lines. And don’t forget the sifting of the ones who say all the right things, look relatively normal, and have an actual vocabulary that consists of more than “hey sweet thang”.

No more meeting them in random locations…

Do you even meet people at work, the gym (let’s be honest- I’m not meeting anyone at the gym! Bwahahahaha), or even the grocery store anymore? When you reach the stage in life where you’re not out at bars or clubs, your dating pool of sand diminishes greatly. However, you still find that there are more losers than winners. And sometimes you may even be the loser. Swiped left on again… If you don’t have ALL the apps you’re just doomed. At least that’s how it seems.

Speaking of apps…

Why the heck are there so many?! And everyone is basically all on the same ones. Maybe you don’t connect on Tinder. That’s okay. There’s still Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, OkCupid, Match, MeetMe, and on and on and on. Instead of there’s plenty of fish in the sea, it’s now there’s plenty of fish on the apps.

Like every other single person I know, I’m on a few dating apps. I’ll try one for a bit and see if I like it. Personally I despise Zoosk and Bumble. Tinder is all about the hookup. POF is my main one (and the only one I actually pay for). OkCupid is fondly referred to as OkStupid (and with their new messaging system, it’s definitely earned that moniker).

Seeing as how I’m kinda seeing what’s out there, I’m going to bring ya along on my journey. Weekly topics (who knew there were so many living ghosts?!) will be happening. I’ll give my best advice from a single mom perspective. Let’s pull out those powdered sugar sifters ladies. We are going to need them to get through all this sand!


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