Duct Tape Parenting

We all have those moments as parents where we look at our kids and go- “Do you really need to do that?”. Whether it is picking on a siblings, picking at a scab, or just being completely nuts. We all have those moments.

Try multiplying that with 5 kids in the house. All age ranges.

It starts at the top. The oldest child in the house will do something that sets off another child, and then that child will do something to set off yet another child, and then it keeps going and going and going. Right up until you swear you need to go buy stock in Duct Tape and use the stuff to tape the kids to the wall. Just so they will stop.

Don’t look at me like that. You know you have had the duct tape thoughts.

There are days where the kids all get along like angels. Those days I think aliens invaded and my real children are off being probed.

Then there are duct tape days.

And the joy of duct tape days is that even the parents with one child has those! Yeah, don’t even shake your head. What about when the vase broke and he blamed it on Casper?!

Well, I decided I am going to invest in color coded duct tape. Kinda like flags being thrown at a football game. If you get a piece of neon orange duct tape stuck to your head, well you are on alert and being watched closely. Pretty pastel pink will signify you are being an awesome child! Wonder if I could do a duct tape board. Write each of their names on it and put up a color for that day. Kinda like the elementary kids and their smiley face charts.

Nah. I think I’ll stick with duct taping them to the wall when they get on my last nerve. Oh wait! I have 9 kids under one roof! I have no more nerves.