Getting groceries in just got EASY! #brinkspushpullrotate

Brinks Home SecurityI don’t know why, but we have had some major issues with the front door. It has been a pain the arse to open for the past 3 years. If you don’t pull it and push the button just right, it is near impossible to open. Especially for the kids. With the twins having the most problems. We have been looking for something that would make it easier on them to get the door open, and we finally found it.

Brinks Push Pull RotateLast year, around Thanksgiving, we came across the Brinks Push-Pull-Rotate door levers and knobs at Lowe’s. Well, we put it off and put it off, until the door literally was impossible to open. If you were on the outside trying to get in, you better hope there is someone inside to open the door for you. That’s how bad it was. We decided enough was enough. Time to change out the mechanism and see if something else would work. Back to Lowe’s we go. Only to find that they no longer had the door lever we were looking for in stock. And wouldn’t be getting any more in. But a store 150 miles away had them in stock still. That store refused to ship. It sucked.

I decided to reach out to Brinks in hopes that they could help me find a door lever in the Push-Pull-Rotate line. Brinks emailed me back and set up a review unit to be sent to me. I was thrilled. But it wasn’t 100% that we would get a unit. So we made a day of it and drove to Gulf Breeze Lowe’s and picked up the lever there. The following Monday, I received a package from Brink’s with a lever! So we now have two. One on front door, and one on back door.

The lever we chose is actually an interior locking lever. But we have good Brinks PPR piecesdeadbolts on the doors, so we weren’t worried about that. We wanted easy for the youngest kids to use. We wanted easy to open with an arm load of groceries. And that is exactly what we got! I can not even begin to tell you how much we love these door levers. Every single one of the kids have made the comment about loving them as well. The ease in opening the door is phenomenal. We are now working on teaching the pets to open the door from the outside. Not really, but the could if the could just head butt the lever.

Ignore how dirty my door is!

Ignore how dirty my door is!

Installation is easy. It took Chad all of 5 minutes to change out our standard front door mechanism for the Push-Pull-Rotate mechanism. You can get the Brinks Push-Pull-Rotate in either knob or lever. The knob is actually rated for exterior. They can be purchased in 4 styles for the knobs and 3 styles for the levers, and cost between $29 and $32. Right now you can purchase them at select Lowe’s stores. You will have to check and see if there are any available in your area. Next month the Brinks Push-Pull-Rotate will be available at Home Depot. I’d watch for them in other hardware stores as well. The Push-Pull-Rotate was given The Best of Indoor Living Product Award for 2014 for the International Builders Show.

disclosure: Life with 5 monkies was sent a free unit to aid in the review of this product. No other compensation was received.  Any and all opinions implied or directly expressed are my own.


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    This is a really neat concept. I always seem to have my arms laden with everything and I end up fumbling with the front door. Not to mention, my dog is always RIGHT THERE to greet me which is nice but even more difficult to get in the door. It would be great to have an easier open door system like this.

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    Don’t laugh! You can teach your dogs to do this (they’re pretty smart, you know!). Remember one thing: there is no lock (or at least it looks like there is no lock) so if it’s easy for you and your dog, it’s easy for the bad guys, too.

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    I really like that. I’m working on a lot of DIY projects. One thing I plan on doing is changing the door handles on all three entrances to my house. I like yours, so I will check them out. Thanks.

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      Lynsey have you seen the new ones at Lowe’s? They have the key fob on them that you just touch to the door lock and it opens the lock. You can also send an “electronic” key to someone else if you need to let them in your house. Doesn’t open the door for you, but pretty close to getting hands free!

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    Glad the new lock and door knob is working for you. Our lock has been messed up for a while, but my roommate hasn’t bothered to fix it yet. I might have to take the initiative even though it is her house.

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