No Need to be so Cramped with Global Resort Homes

note: Life with 5 monkies was provided with a rental home for one week in exchange for the following posts during our #EpicOrlandoVisit. Any and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

Global Resort Homes

For those of you who have more than the national average of 2.5 children, you know how frustrating traveling and staying in hotel rooms can be. Frustration starts from the moment you start booking your room. Room occupancy versus two parents and all the kids need to be divided between two rooms. Room availability versus holy moley we need rooms next to each other.  Yes, booking hotel rooms for a large family can be a challenge and almost make you want to scrap the entire vacation before it even begins. I will admit, we were hugely lucky with Omni last year, and snagged two adjoining rooms. This year we are doing it a bit different!

Vacation home rental

This year we are going to Orlando for vacation. It is an epic trip for us, as we will be staying in a vacation home with Global Resort Homes. I have experienced staying in a vacation home once before when I met a few of my twin momma friends in Virgina Beach. I’ve been in love with the idea of vacation homes vs. hotel rooms since then.

Vacation home bedroom

Now when you are looking at the overall expense of a vacation home rental, you may get a little put off. But don’t! There are so many reason to spend the money there. The biggest reason- space! No joking. If you are doing a multi family vacation then you can split the cost and have everyone staying together. Or if you have a boat load of youngins like me, then you will be able to enjoy your down time more since you won’t be on top of each other.

Vacation home kitchen

Another reason you should go ahead and spend the extra on a vacation home- save money on food! Think about the cost of eating out. Every single meal. For a family like mine eating out (even at McDonald’s) can get pricey. We would be looking at $40 to $150 a meal. Multiply that times 7. Yeah. Now you see why staying at a Global Resort Homes vacation home while in Orlando is such an epic option. We can easily save $700 on meals by purchasing food to prepare there for breakfast and dinner. Our plan- eat out twice for dinner and 3 times for lunch. Much easier on my budget strings.

Private pool

I’m looking forward to being able to relax in a pool that I know no one is peeing in. Strike that. I’m sure the twins will pee in the pool at some point. Okay, I’m looking forward to relaxing in a pool not surrounded by strangers. Unless you count the teen daughter. That’s like a whole new species and completely strange. I’m looking forward to eating meals as a family without a waiter expecting a giant tip (or the ever present gratuity that is so wrong to charge a family but restaurants still do). I’m definitely looking forward to having down time in a beautiful home.

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