What It Really Means to Be A Mom of Many

Sock monsters, large family, lots of love. The ups and downs of having more than your average family size

all the kids

First sock monsters…we go through lots of socks around here. It gets so bad that at times I just put two different socks on their feet and say so be it. At least they are the same color! But on to what I was thinking of…

We also have problems with missing hangers, outfit pieces (shirts, pants), hair bows, pacifiers, etc. It never fails. Hair bows mysteriously fly away. I’ll have the pants to an outfit, but no shirt, or vice versa. Hangers go off and never come home. And I think Braden hoards pacifiers like squirrels hoard nuts. I think he knows one day he will no longer be freely given a pacifier so he hides them in preparation.

Large Families-

There are many joys and pains with being the parent of many. I have 5, and yes in some eyes that is a large family. I know it is in my own. But I have friends with 8 and 9. Having these women in my life to draw strength from is definitely one of the ways that I make it as a mom of many.

kenie and jax

Feeding the horde-

With this job comes many challenges. Grocery shopping on a budget. Can I say I miss being able to go and buy whatever we wanted from the grocery store? Now it’s coupon clipping, price checking and rechecking, making sure to get the Wednesday paper to see what is on sale. But with learning to do all this I only spend around $200 a week on food, diapers, wipes, and other necessities. Not to shabby I think. I have friends with less children who can’t figure out how I do it. No matter how many times I tell them “Coupons!”.

Dressing all the bodies-

Then you have clothes shopping. Ever tried to buy clothes for a whole season for 5? Well let me tell you…bargain stores like consignment shops, thrift stores, and yard sales are an excellent source for clothes. Anything from play clothes to school clothes. It helps alot that Savanna is right behind MacKenzie. So inevitably she gets hand-me-downs. Not just from Kenz, but from my sis KK also. So usually all I HAVE to buy for her is socks, undies, and “good” clothes. And again with the hand-me-downs….the twins. They get from Braden and my nephew. So they have a whole wardrobe to grow into. LOL But when it comes to MacKenzie and Braden…they are the oldest and biggest of the two sexes which means I have to buy their entire wardrobes. Which I find unfair but nessaccary. I do try and even out my buying though. I feel bad if I am out buying for one and don’t at least get one item for the rest. Plus I lke to dress the twins alike. Shoot me, but they will only be little and wear what I want for so long, and then they become opinionated pre-schoolers. Woe is me. LOL

me and braden

And don’t forget the everyday battle-

One likes to eat one thing, another something different. Currently Kenz is very picky about what meat she eats, veggies she eats, shoot everything she eats. And that is a whole other post… Fighting over toys…one has better toys. Everything must be equal, at least in their eyes.

Then you have holidays-

Christmas, birthdays, easter, valentine’s are all holidays that I get my kids gifts. And I feel like a terrible mother who cannot provide for her children if they don’t get equal number of items, or equal amount spent. Birthdays are worse than any other event around here. At the girls age…they compare parties, gifts, food, you name it. One can’t have a better cake now can we?! It makes for fun times.

me and colton

But then you have these AMAZING joys of having a large family…

~I get 5xs the I love yous.
~5xs the hugs.
~5xs the slobber slick disgustingly awesome kisses. And you know those are the best ones!
~5xs the smiles.

In being a mother of many I have come to learn is that patience is a virtue. One my children were born without, and did not inherit from anyone in the family! I have learned that divide and conquer works on them as well as mom and dad. I have learned that every single second is the most precious one I have with them. And I have also learned that individual time is a must to have with each child. I can now multitask like a pro, drive and feed bottles at the same time, schedule doc appts while at soccer practice, and that baths are only necessary during school time. Weekends…baths only when dirty.

The most important thing I’ve learned about having a large family…laundry soap, toilet paper, shampoo, hand soap, and paper towels really ARE cheaper if you buy a bigger size to begin with! LMAO

me and savanna

Seriously though…I never intended to have more that 2 kids, but I wouldn’t send any of my kiddos back for anything. One it’d be toooooo painful (could you imagine trying to send then back the way they came? OUUUUCCCHHH!), two I’d miss those extra slobbery disgusting kisses.