Never miss a cell phone call again with Link2Cell #SavedCallChallenge

This post is brought to you courtesy of Panasonic Link2Cell and the #SavedCall challenge


Don’t you hate it when you are waiting for a call on your cell phone, and miss it because you left it in the bedroom and walked away? That is so annoying. Especially since in today’s tech savvy world, most of my phone calls are directed to my cell phone. But every once in a while you have to put your phone down. And inevitably I miss a call I had been waiting on all day long. Never fails.

But like I said it is a tech savvy world we live in and it is only getting more so. thanks to that tech savviness, I can now get my cell phone calls on my home phone. Thanks to the Panasonic Link2Cell home phones. Yes, I know there are other ones out there. But have you seen the prices on those bad boys?! The Panasonic phones start at just $75!

What is Panasonic’s Link2Cell?
Link2Cell harnesses the power of Bluetooth® to combine the freedom of your cell phone with the convenience of a home phone.  Panasonic Link2Cell is a cordless phone system that operates together with your cell phone, allowing you to make and receive cell phone calls though the multi-handset home phone with Panasonic’s unique Bluetooth-powered Panasonic Link-to-Cell.

The Panasonic Link2Cell technology is easy to implement. Simply place your cell phone in the spot you get the best reception in link2cellyour home, and link it to the handsets via bluetooth. Our system, the Link2Cell KX-TG7742S, has two handsets, and I was surprised to find out we could link two cell phones to the handsets. So we have one handset that is linked to my cell and the other is linked to Chad’s. It is a simple process to get your phones linked, and you know they are linked by the little green light on the base. If the phone isn’t linked then you will see a yellow light instead. Chad liked that the phones actually rang with the ringtone that was programmed into his cell phone for that number. Kinda funny to here “Sail” start playing over the home phone. Another great feature is that you can copy your contacts from your cell phone to your land line!

We also had n instance where Chad was talking to Microsoft customer service, it showed as our home number on their end, they sent a text, and it went to his cell phone. Pretty nifty if you ask me. The handsets actually speak and read out the number calling. I had never thought I’d use my home phone quite as much as I do now.

Now Panasonic would like to help you never miss a call again as well! They are giving one reader a Link2Cell KX-TG7742S as well.

Panasonic Link2Cell KX-TG7742S, MSRP $89.95
·        Make and receive cell phone calls through the Panasonic Link2Cell handset- with or without a landline.  Place your cellphone in the area of your home where you get the best reception then sync it up via Bluetooth with the Link2Cell handset and talk for hours without dropping your call. (Link up to 2 Cell phones)
·        The Talking Caller ID feature uses text-to-speech technology, announcing the caller’s information in between rings – so you can hear who is calling from across the room without getting up.
·        Two handsets.

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disclosure: I received a free unit to aid in my review and to compensate me for writing this post. Any and all opinions implied or expressed, unless otherwise stated, are expressly the ownership of the author. No other compensation was received.


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      Shannon, we rarely use the landline. It’s mainly a secondary number for the schools and doctors for us. Which is another reason I love being able to connect my cell to these phones.

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