Is It Appropriate to Gift Wine To Teachers?

wine for teacher

I came across a pin on Pinterest that I am not sure how I feel about. Okay, I know how I feel about it. I just want to know how YOU feel about it.

wine for teacher

My first reaction was not positive. And I still do not feel positive about it. Unless you are the teacher and your homeschooling, then you could gift yourself with a bottle of wine.

Do you think it is appropriate to send a bottle of wine to your child’s teacher?

I really do think the label is cute and funny. I just don’t think I would want to send a gift to my child’s teacher insinuating that she or he drinks because of my child. Also, if you’re saying you know that he or she drinks, does that mean you’ve witnessed it? Another thing I found a bit off about the label is that it seems to insinuate that your kids teacher drinks a lot. And here you go, have another one on me.

I went to the site where the label was pinned from, and found lots of labels. This is the only one aimed at teachers (thank God), and I laughed at the others. Especially the “Here’s your beer, Where’s my chocolate” one.

But it got me wondering, how many of those labels were printed, and how many teachers are going to be having a glass of wine on February 14th thanks to their students?

What’s your thoughts? Do you think wine is an appropriate gift for a teacher from a student and the students parent(s)?

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