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Fiber One Meal Bar

Target Introduces New Fiber One Goodies

Disclosure:The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op I have had Fiber One products in our home for well over a year now. When Savanna was dealing with her anorexia diagnosis, it was one of the few products that we could get her to eat without a huge fight. […]

25 Fabulous Fall Recipes

Fabulous Fall Recipes

A chill in the air, falling leaves, pumpkins, apples, and comfort food are all reasons to love Fall (Or Autumn, depending on where you’re from.)  Just in case you’re still clinging to summer, I’ve compiled a nice list of fabulous fall recipes to get you in the mood for sweaters, raking leaves…and Christmas displays in […]


Big Hero 6 Opening November 7th

If you have kids and television chances are you have seen previews for the newest Disney movie, Big Hero 6. Disney seems to be on a roll with quality movies lately, and they are coming back to a point where the movies are great for not only kids, but for the whole family. Big Hero […]

Zoe and Piper giveaway

Bloggers Wanted: $75 Zoe and Piper Giveaway

We will be giving away a $75 gift certificate to Zoe and Piper to kick off the Holiday season! If you would like to participate in this giveaway please sign up using the form below.   Loading…

25 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

25 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

I LOVE fall! The beautiful colors, the leaves crunching under your feet, the perfect weather…no wonder it’s the favorite season of so many people. I have a special treat for you today – a list of 25 ideas for decorating your home for the season. Whether you want to do your mantle, your porch, or […]

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Life Gets Personal

Identical twin boys

Are Identical Twins Really Identical?

The answer might surprise and confuse you! When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I started researching and asking questions. When I found out, after having the boys, that they were identical, I researched even more. In all the research I found that identical twins aren’t 100% identical!  Identical twins are the result […]

potato soup 1

Potato Sausage Kale Soup

I’ve been a big fan of the Zuppa Toscana soup from Olive Garden since I first tried it. A while back I came across a copy cat recipe for that soup, and have used it as the base for my own version many many times. Slowly adding and changing things as I went along to […]

Champions Gate entrance

Global Resort Homes: Champions Gate #EpicOrlandoVisit

note: Life with 5 monkies was provided with a vacation rental home in exchange for promotion and review. Any and all opinions implied or expressed are my own. It seems like it has been forever since our vacation to Orlando. And thanks to computer issues, and a multitude of family issues, I have been unable […]

separate beds

Sleeping apart

I remember years ago reading about a couple who had separate bedrooms, and slept in separate rooms. I remember thinking “What kind of marriage is that?”. And then a year into my relationship with Chad I found myself sleeping alone most nights of the week. At first, and when I say at first I really […]

Marel Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios Orlando #EpicOrlandoVisit @UniversalORL

note: This is a sponsored post for Universal Studios Orlando. Life with 5 monkies was provided with tickets to aid in the review of the theme park. Any and all opinions are my own. I will happily admit that I while I do love Disney, the Universal theme parks are more up my families alley. […]

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Monkeying Around…Fun for the kids

Big Hero 6 printables

Big Hero 6 Printables

Big Hero 6 opens in theaters on November 7th. Until then, here are a few free printables to get you ready for the movie! Simply click on the image to bring up a pdf file to print … [Read More...]

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