25 Amazing DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day Cards

When the kids come home and tell you that they need 30 Valentine’s Day cards for their class, it can be a little upsetting. No one wants to go to the store and brave the crowds for the very last Doc McStuffins Valentine Card package.

Valentine's Day Cards

This year, why not try something different? Each of these DIY Valentine’s Cards are suitable for kids and absolutely adorable! They’re sure to be the Valentine’s Day cards the other kids remember, and you’ll be showing your own kids how much you love them when you help them put them together.

Do you do DIY Valentine’s Day cards or just buy the pre-made ones?

1. Printable Valentine’s Day Cards
2. Monster Valentines
3. EOS Lip Balm Valentine’s Day Cards
4. Paint Chip Valentine’s Day Cards
5. Pixy Stix Valentines
6. Easy Scrapbook Sticker Valentines
7. Handmade Owl Valentine Card
8. Heart Burst Printable Valentine Envelopes
9. Pirate Valentine Suckers
10. DIY Puzzle Valentine
11. Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards
12. Secret Message Valentines
13. Cute and Easy Mouse Valentine’s Day Cards
14. Homemade Heart Stamp Cards
15. Color by Number Printable Valentine
16. You’re a Great Catch Valentine’s Day Printable
17. Owl Printable Valentine’s Day Cards
18. Daniel Tiger Valentine’s Day Printables
19. Lego Valentine’s Day Cards Printable
20. Cupid Poop Printable
21. Recycled Valentine’s Day Card Craft
22. Last Minute DIY Sticker Sheet Valentines
23. Orange You Glad Valentines
24. Photo Prop Valentine’s Day Cards
25. Scratch off Valentine Gift Certificates